I was never into Instagram, you tubing, tweeting or any other social media invention. It was always  black magic to me and I never had the patience to explore it further. I was thinking it’s too much work to sign in, figure out how to operate it and then follow(!) basically, I would have to spend the entire day to follow people that don’t know me, cause….I want to know(hhhmmm) what’s going on in their life, what they wear, who they hang out with, what they eat,what their house looks like????? true that! Sadly, I’m an addict  now, spending hours looking for fashion, shoes, house inspo, you know, stuff that’s makes me happy…. hahaha I know we have  snapchat now and I can see even more…. but…going back to ig…

 About 2 years ago my friend helped me out to sign in and I joined the multi million member Instagram family… At the beginning I was sooo confused. Slowly I started to get how to take a picture,  post it, edit it and how to look at someones profile and pick if I want to follow them, how to like pictures and how to search….but what I never figured out is how to get more followers.. nope…tried to find it out on google, asked friends, read in magazines and studied profiles. Nothing. Shamefully I even tried to copy ideas of pictures of somebody who has thousands of followers ( only for research purposes of course) and still nothing…:(  It got me well!

I started to get angry at myself that I am doing everything wrong! No picture taken by me, my husband or friends was good enough… there was not enough light, and even when there was,it still didn’t work and I was thinking<< How hard is it to take a fricking picture????>>Oooo,maybe I don’t go to cool places, hang out with cool people and that’s why there is nothing interesting to show. I am boring and my life is boring and bla bla bla…. I was looking at something and saw one thing, and then after a click of the camera, everything looked different. More gray, sad and dull…Out of every 100 pictures I took, 1 was maybe ok….uuuggghhh. It was an obsession. 

I’m following different celebrities,home and fashion editors, bloggers, stylists  and friends. Most fashion ppl  appear in the same places (like fashion shows) and for a week I see all the same pictures and videos. Different bloggers make the same collages of ootd, showing the same routine exercises, whip up the same smoothies and healthy breakfasts… Everybody knows what’s trendy and in style…and then it’s me…. 

Hi, I’m Karolina , a Polish girl living on Cape Cod, with my own personal style and likings. Not famous, but I did a picture of my smoothie, pictures of my addidas, Stan Smith, my Louise Vuitton, Gucci or Channel!! Shameless selfies and pics of my house…. Am I not creative enough? What else I can put in those tiny square frames? So what is the difference who takes a photo, when the pic shows the same stuff!? Do people like the photo for what it shows? Who are the followers? and how not really famous people have so many followers?

 I will never get over it..I didn’t think it’s a rocket science, but apparently it is 🙂 

Ending this stream of words, I decided I’ll just stick to looking at beautiful, inspiring pictures and that’s it… just look and enjoy….And guess what,I’m cool, my lifestyle is cool, my style and house. I have cool friends, see cool places and eat cool too! No need to get upset over something I have no influence on since I can’t make anybody to like me, my pictures or my style799….Right? 😉



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