The power of positive thinking

Today is a little bit more serious then normal. A little politics through my personal observations 😉 I promise it will be nothing heavy, so you can sit comfortably and read it. You might not know all, but I think it’s important to share…

I must admit I never understood politics and it was always way out on the orbits of my interests. In one ear , out the other. I would rather stick to pretty things like shoes and purses 🙂 Not having an opinion about “stuff” important for my countries, never bothered me, but since I will vote this next presidential election I figure, I need to cover at least the basics. So now I pay more attention to what’s going on in  the political arena, who are the candidates and what they are all about…. sort of…it’s still monotonous and sometimes pissing me off, but with a glass( or two) of some good wine I try can to sit still for a while and listen to that mumble jumble. Countless rally’s,meetings, debates and caucuses? hey, no problem…;)I hope they know what they doing, cause I don’t… In my mind everything can be really simple. We all know what’s not working right now, so why not to try to change it, go  in a different direction. Years of mistakes and disappointments has it’s toll on all of us: you- Americans, dual citizens like me, many legal immigrants and other aliens, who are not quite legal. I just feel like instead grow, learn, discover and improve, we are stuck somewhere in time.What has worked in “ancient” times is not necessarily good for XXI century. Times are changing and we need to change with it. Instead they talk about the same issues over and over again. I understand sometimes for a stupid question they need to give a stupid answer but still…This seems to me very boring, controversial, sometimes infertile and just simply dirty. Political battles become their personal wars. Like game cocks(?) trying to prove their rights. Sometimes listening to this  I wonder is there room for healthy, selfless politics? On top of that, with everything that’s happening around the world now, it’s hard to get my head straight and really prioritize what is the most crucial thing I will care most for, what’s second, third and so on.. I don’t understand how every state has it’s own law!?? One country- 50 different rights, so now what state is better to live in? sorry a little weird to me….For newbie like me and most important new American citizen, it’s significant to know that my vote will count and make a difference and it will better mine and my family’s future…….Hopefully our new Boss will find the right path and pass his test in living color!

Quick question… Is it true that because Massachusetts is a “Democrat” state,any  Republican votes won’t count?? what the heck! Where is the democracy in that..

In the meantime, in my other country…

Just recently in Poland we elected a new government and new president Mr.Andrzej Duda. Younger, modern, well educated and very well spoken lawyer. It’s like 180 degrees in different direction what was before. I guess a lot of polaks agreed that is time for changes, finally. I certainly hope it’s a good change and not like before, Polish interest will be a priority!

There were two main political parties, PO and PiS that compete in a poll for presidency. I was actually there in this historical moment, so the news is first hand 😉 The fight was very heated. And like here, controversial and sometimes dirty, but in the end a more humanly candidate  won.

The elections were democratic. And in my understanding that means  most polaks voted for new PiS. But unfortunately for old PO it doesn’t mean the same. Against all odds they wanted  to overthrow the new government and convince the public that they didn’t want new, they want old back!!! I guess the spectacular failure was hard to swallow…. They were telling people what they want!  I just don’t like when I’m told what I want or what I need by some stranger…that really touched my nerves. it was pathetic to watch how they pull all lose strings to stay in charge….Sorry, they deserve to loose…..

The opponents of PiS felt threatened big time.They knew their power time has ended.        They felt unpunished and all those years of doing what they wanted, saying what they wanted, miss informed and hid a lot of information in TV, media, banks, police and many others resorts of polish existence, is now done.!.  So they manifested  a rally. Criticizing the president and new government, elections and us people… Those “big” journalists, politics and celebrities we looked up to for years, now show the lack of propriety and pride, using swears on national TV to demonstrate unhappiness. One radio manager even expressed his sorrow by allowing our national anthem to be an interlude between programs ! Awful..

What’s even more scarier now, the whole European Union is involved in our domestic disturbances. Dragged by PO leaders to the battle of power. And again, convincing European politicians that elections weren’t democratic. wwwrrr… Some of you probably know now there is a huge problem and untouched issues with fugitives from “Syria” that need to be solved fast, since they overflowed European countries.. Instead, the future of Europe is put on the back burner, and time, money and energy  is focused on something that shouldn’t be a concern any more like democracy, overthrowing of the regimes and fighting for freedom.

Refugees are a big headache for Europe these days.There are so many of them!  It’s different to show pictures of women with kids and elders,  while most of them are men in their thirties. Young, healthy guys who should fight for the freedom of their country. It was like that for ages. All the world wars were fought for what’s is right.. Who else if not them should fight the regime in Syria? But instead they were promised a future in Europa. They chose the easy way to settle in some safe Heaven like Germany, Sweden or Denmark with the best social security, so they really don’t have to do anything else… Wouldn’t you like this? Many of them don’t have any documents confirming they are Syrian… There is proof that among those jumping thru barricades are killers, rapist and terrorists.  Right when I was leaving Poland, there were new reports that in Cologne, Germany alone, there were hundreds of incidents of rape and molestation of women, by refugees…

Even now writing this  I’m upset..

I’m a very lucky  girl. I can call home, two great countries : Poland and USA. And I just simply want that all the decisions being made are sensible. And even someone like me with no political bone in my body will still understand what is important. And hope our needs, my countries and mine, will meet somewhere in the middle.


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