Who is Who

How can I do creative writing about MY cat, since all day long he is eating and sleeping only? Well, he is an important part of my life here in America and for sure worth a little bit of attention.


Who is my kitty cat. He is almost 6 years old! I can’t believe how fast the time passed…I remember the first day we got him. It was somewhere of Cape. My heart was pounding, I was so excited. I never before owned a pet…..Except maybe a little fish tank, where I kept two little fishes and one miniature frog. Yes.:) That was all my parents agreed to. At that time we were living in a small two bedroom apartment. They were working full time and I was at school. And as pet lovers they couldn’t agree to have anything to be locked in the house all by it self all day long, five days a week. I understand it now, but back then I thought it’s really unfair. No matter how much I cried and begged them, the only exception they made was that homemade tank…It wasn’t anything special. Simple glass vase, some stones on the bottom filled with water. I remember I was very proud going to a pet store to purchase my animals:). A nice man at the store probably explained to me how to take of them, but unfortunately my focus was more on how cute they were.. Especially this little frog! Needless to say, they died few weeks later, I suspect from a heart attack. I loved them so much so I spend every minute at the tank staring at them. You can imagine how scared they had to be seeing my huge, creepy eye looking at them day and night!? Sad story. I also remember a “funeral”in the bathroom and my mum explaining life and death situations, trying nicely to make me aware  of how I unintentionally “murdered” my dependents… Basically, how much love is sometimes too much….

And now back to my WHO. Original his name was( polish) KTO, but it was hard to pronounced, so we changed it. There is one funny story with the first vet visit for Who-ski:). We called for an appointment:


-……and what is your pets name?




-Yours cats name….



Hahahah….There was a moment of silence and I think she got it…Ah, Nice memory…. This first visit though was very traumatic for both: us and him. Somehow he got flees and he had to have his first( and last so far) bath in a sink. I thought my heart will break when I saw him shaking from scare and cold. He was so small. Of course he never before  had to take a bath, he was hissing and snorting the entire time and you could feel he hated it. The same day he had a surgery and right after that he had to stay all night long at the vets office. When I picked him up the next day he didn’t even once look at me. He was mad. No signs of happiness, relief or anxiousness to go home… Who for sure is a cat with personality..


He was a fluffy, furry red ball of cuteness! It was love from first sight for me of course. I desperately wanted to make him feel safe and loved, so there was no boundaries.We all spoiled him rotten. He claimed a spot in our bed from the first night. Before he rolled between us, now he starts on the bottom of the bed and then in the deep night, he finds a spot “on our legs”. Lying in the center like a king and us lying on the edge of the bed, quietly suffering, not to disturb our Mister. Growing up he was fetching stuff for us to throw. Funky little dude. He loves to chase things and he loves to be chased, so he can hide in” unreachable” places and pretend he disappear with his tail sticking out . It is under  the couch, a rug, chair, or in the box. Now, he is a Young man, and there is a few tricks he won’t fall for like chasing a laser light. We really abused this toy on him in the past. Each time he probably ended up with bruises bouncing of the walls, trying really hard to catch this “thing”. It reminded  me of Tom& Jerry  cartoon, where my Who played Jerry……;)


His eating habits are odd too. Partly I blame my parents because they started to feed him under the table when he was begging in his special, adorable way. Since he remembered it works, he does it every single day. Usually during dinners, he rolls on his back and stretch, but his eyes are looking straight at you. Or he pretends to chase his tail or he sits in front of you and stare at you. Anything that gets your attention and reminds  you to leave something on the plate. He loves tuna, any kind of meat, spicy food and ice cream. Juice from steak is a delicious treat on top of bowls of regular food. He is always hungry. And it’s strange considering he sleeps entire day….

When he was younger he often sneaked outside to check it out. One day, while I was Skype-ing with my parents, he got into a fight with our neighbor’s cat right behind me on the lawn. Somehow they met, combat for a quick second,made an awful screaming noise and left each their own way, like nothing happen. It was bizarre. When I checked on him, he was licking his wounds, shocked about the confrontation. He had a long scratch on his left eye, fortunately nothing serious. My little warrior was protecting his grounds….:)

We keep him at home. I don’t want anything to happen to him outside in the wild and also I don’t want any half dead animals lying around my house or even worse, in my bed! Eeewwww……My tiger surprised me once with a dead mouse on my kitchen floor. I panicked. It was gross. There was no blood trail , so the murder place was somewhere else thank God! I managed to clean up and remember I was pissed at Who for that “gift” . Later I found out that it was his way to let me know he cares about me and he loves me.My heart melted and all was good again….Still though, he likes to snuggle on his own terms and only in the times he chooses. One exception is my hubby. Every time they huddle together on the couch, like it’s the only safe and snugly place ever.


Anyway, I love my baby…..





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